Установка Chromium :: Cетевой уголок Majestio

Установка Chromium

Для установки Chromium сперва вносим изменения в /etc/sysctl.conf:


Для включения на-лету:

sysctl kern.ipc.shm_allow_removed=1

Потом устанавливаем пакет:

pkg install chromium

Message from pulseaudio-14.2_4:

Pulseaudio tries to determine default values for FreeBSD OSS driver at first
start, based on /dev/sndstat output. The hw.snd.default_unit sysctl may affect
these values, but restart of the Pulseaudio might be needed to rescan it again,
e.g. `pacmd exit`.

Pulseaudio has separate input and output configure lines. You can change them
with using following commands:

To change the default sink (output):
# pacmd set-default-sink 3
To change the default source (input):
# pacmd set-default-source 3

This can also be set in /usr/local/etc/pulse/default.pa

Replace the number '3' with the new default you want to set.

The audio/freedesktop-sound-theme is needed if the default sound files
are uncommented in the /usr/local/etc/pulse/default.pa file.
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